T-shirt design and pure artistic creation requires consideration of all aspects, including color, pattern size and placement. This article introduces T-shirt custom design skills and a few things to pay attention to in T-shirt design.

The T-shirt Customization skills of Pixie clothing T-shirts are different from pure artistic creation. It involves production and craftsmanship. The design of Pixie clothing T-shirts has some limitations and points of attention.

There can be no more than 8 colors in the pattern! Except for the base color of the clothes, you can use up to 8 colors in your pattern, so designs that contain a lot of colors are to be avoided.

Avoid using too many colors unnecessarily! The upper limit is 8 colors, and some comrades may have the idea to use 8 colors. In fact, many awesome patterns only use 3 or 4 colors, and even 1 color is amazing. The key lies in the design and creativity itself.

What about using gradients, or richer color variations? The answer is yes, but with caution. In t-shirt printing, gradients are simulated by dots, so you can actually use gradients and more variations in your designs (i.e. you’re not limited to 8 colors when designing).

The most direct way is to make the pattern stand out and place it in a conspicuous position, and use the most visually impactful pattern as the T-shirt pattern, which is hard not to catch the eye. For example, customizing T-shirt pattern full of retro colors and then using the T-shirt pattern The imitation printing process makes the pattern and texture have a retro feel. How to make the pattern shine If you can’t think of any way, you can choose to design with the very popular national trend in the past two years, or the enduring retro and minimalist, which are all good choices.

In addition to making the Design My Own Shirt pattern stand out, the custom short-sleeved pattern can also be placed in an eye-catching position. For example, the dress in the picture below places the design pattern at the connection between the sleeve and the front of the garment, rather than directly printing it on the chest. It is also more eye-catching. In addition to such a large placement, some will print the whole clothes, but if you don’t choose a good pattern, it will also make the whole clothes look dirty.

This customization requirement of T-shirt printing design at the seam line is different from ordinary garment customization. It is printed and sewn together by each piece of cloth, so it is generally only possible to print such a special order with a certain minimum order quantity. The printing, but the customized effect can make people shine.

In fact, if the pattern of a custom T-shirt is customized for yourself, what you like is the most important thing. When you give it to others, you have to think about what kind of pattern he likes from the perspective of the other party. You don’t need to specifically pursue it, but you should pursue some designs in it. Feelings can also surprise others.