Mass-customized clothes silk round neck letter T-shirt, this T-shirt is made of silk and tencel fabric, just hearing this fabric already feels comfortable. The three-dimensional small print on the chest is small and delicate.

Hollow letters Polo Shirt Design are custom-made. In recent years, “ripped clothes” have become very popular. Whether it is clothes or pants, there must be some holes. The back of this T-shirt has a geometric hollow design, which breaks the monotony of the T-shirt and increases the fashion.

The slogan on the front of the chest means “not defining oneself”, which promotes the attitude of women, is simple and atmospheric, and makes a clever balance with the hollow design behind it. Pair it with a fashionable plaid skirt and become a fashion blogger in a second.

The space cotton fabric used in mass customization of Personalized Tee Shirts is also a highlight of this customized T-shirt, with its own “cooling” effect. The stitched letter T-shirt is a very simple and casual T-shirt, with beige and black stitching design, letter printing on the chest and a slightly loose version, which has a relaxed and sexy look.

The fabric is Xinjiang long-staple cotton, which is more comfortable and skin-friendly than ordinary cotton. The hollow design of the shoulders of the Design Personalized Tee Shirts echoes the back, which increases the three-dimensionality and layering of the clothes. The metal buckle is matched with the contrasting color three-dimensional offset printing on the chest, which is very fashionable and high-street, which is very suitable for the cool and characterful young lady.

The last two pieces are the ones that you have asked many times before. We will arrange group purchases for you before the festival. Those who missed it can start now. The first is a joint style of Parisian painter Apolline Thibault. The custom clothing printing is small and durable, and it will not be easy to hit the style. The second piece is also a printed style, which is a bit more casual in the American style. Everyday, like me, with some denim items, you can easily create a casual and sexy look.