Summer is the season for T-shirt customization. We often see T-shirts of various colors, styles and patterns on the street. into different styles of clothing.

Therefore, the versatile and versatile T-shirt has become the most popular and most common clothing in summer. Nowadays, many young people choose to Custom T-shirt Printing in order to show their individuality or to unify the image of enterprises and groups.

On the bottom shirt of custom T-shirts, many people like to choose white bottom shirts, but in fact, black bottom shirts will also be a good choice in summer. Next, the crazy custom editor will answer you how to choose a black bottom shirt for a T-shirt Printing ? And introduce how to choose a summer black T-shirt.

 Who is a custom black T-shirt suitable for? The first thing we must know is that black T-shirts are actually a bit dark, especially with white pants, it will make you look black all over, so people with darker skin must not wear pure black T-shirts.

The black T-shirt is custom-made for men with a good figure. It is full of masculinity, full of domineering, and imposing. With a pair of sunglasses and gray cropped trousers, the cool feeling is immediately presented. Fat men can also wear black T to visually modify their body shortcomings. Girls will also have a low-key coolness when they wear black T-shirts.

If you choose a black bottom shirt for a custom T-shirt, it is not suitable for printing simple letters or patterns. When you wear it, it will have a sense of sight of a junior high school student. It has no characteristics at all, because black itself cannot convey any information, and A black T-shirt with a large-area personalized print has a completely different effect.

It can not only show your sense of fashion trend, but also make you more attractive, creative patterns, fashionable and fresh, so that you can express your fashion attitude with Personalized Shirts. If you have to print simple text, you can also make a fuss about the font. Choosing some distinctive fonts can also double the sense of fashion.

If you want to look cool and handsome, black is definitely the best choice. Customized black T-shirt + black casual pants + black top hat, cool street style with a little elegant gentleman style, black body will inevitably be a little dull, Pair it with white shoes or sweater chains of other colors, black and white striped streamers on the trousers or bright socks with one side exposed to break the seriousness.

At this time, you can no longer choose a custom black T-shirt with a large area of ​​personalized printing, otherwise it will break the main black tone, the pattern is too eye-catching, and it looks fancy. You can choose to wear a black framed glasses to make you look more playful, but the cool and cool feeling is still there. If it is all black and has no accessories at all, then it needs a strong appearance and figure to support it.