Besides screen printing, what else are there in the customization process of cultural shirts and Custom T-shirt ? In terms of general categories, the printing process can be divided into the following processes in addition to screen printing: thermal transfer, direct injection, embroidery and other processes. These types of processes are in terms of production cost, display effect and process cycle. They are all crafts that are more in line with group or individual T shirst customization.

Each type of process can also be subdivided into water slurry, glue, optical change, heat transfer, digital direct injection and other processes. The printing of each process has its own characteristics and can be selected according to different customized needs. The following is a detailed introduction to the processes other than screen printing. For screen printing, please refer to another article: Introduction to Screen Printing Process.

The thermal transfer process is divided into two types: heat transfer and flocking. The two processes also have their own differences. The same as silk screen printing, it also requires a printing fee. Suitable for small logos, features airtight, with a sense of plastic coverage. The advantage of heat transfer is that it can produce patterns with full layers and delicate tones.

It can be made in 11 kinds of colors, soft and abrasion-resistant, strong three-dimensional sense, suitable for people who like suede. T-shirt Printing suitable for light-colored bottom shirts, dark bottom shirts are less effective; not for POLO shirts, thin sweaters. Yasenman’s minimum order process is to use this process, which can meet personal customization, and does not require a publishing fee. It is very cost-effective for personal customization.

The embroidery process is divided into embroidery and appliqué embroidery. This kind of process has a good effect on other styles of cultural shirts such as T-shirts design and POLO shirts. It is very suitable for simple brand logos, texts or Chinese-style patterns, and there is no need for publishing fees.

There are prejudices everywhere in our life, regional prejudice, personality prejudice, occupational prejudice… In fact, many people have a certain aspect of prejudice, whether you admit it or not. Prejudice stems from ignorance. For a thing we do not have a deep understanding of, we are more likely to have prejudice based on our own or the public’s inherent impression. Therefore, if we want to get rid of prejudice, what we have to do is to study harder and seek knowledge.

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