The custom design of T-shirts has more patterns and is more fashionable. Whether it is white or paired with the most chic jeans, we can use the silhouette to make simple items wear more beautiful silhouettes. When you are tired of wearing basic T-shirts, choose a more fancy Custom T-shirt.

The trend of shoulder pad T-shirts is still there, and it is a good choice. It is matched with a pair of slim white pencil pants to build a good proportion of the inverted triangle body. You can also choose a T-shirt pattern with a skin-exposing design. This type of T-shirt is not a straightforward low-cut design. It often chooses to expose the collarbone, shoulders or back. It is easy to create a high-level sexy with trousers, and you can also enjoy the cool breeze. Blowing comfortably.

The puff sleeves are more romantic, and the dropped shoulder sleeves are more elegant. These are T-shirts that bring new changes to small details. For custom T-shirts and pants, the details are very important. The simpler the combination of items, the less casual it is. Many missing details may make you look dull and dull.

Even a small graffiti on a custom T-shirt is an expression of style and attitude. Of course, in our wardrobe, most of the most basic solid-color T-shirt Printing are used, and we must wear our own taste at this time. Even without a lot of accessories, rolling up the sleeves, knotting the hem, or tucking it into your pants can better shape your figure and give you more confidence.

You can also let the color add points to yourself. Hair color, lip color, cheek color, manicure, makeup and clothing are inseparable from the whole. No matter how well-cut T-shirts and pants are, they also need their own brilliance to match. , must not be ignored.

Franco Moschino said: “I deeply believe that shirts and Design Own T-shirt are the most ingenious inventions in the contemporary fashion industry, and it is also the basis of today’s clothing styling.” A woman with taste and experience will always believe in the power of classics.

T-shirt custom classics are not huge, they are not dazzling, they are not scrambled, they are often simple, basic, and ordinary, but they are like a trickle, continuous, and they are the final return after the journey of clothing. At this time, the did not wear fancy clothes, but also had the high-level beauty of returning to nature.