Many clothing brands have produced funny and interesting Tee, such as those who make a fuss about the “chest” in DIY creative design, with super personality, and celebrities are fond of it. For example, the supermodel Kendou wears a creative Custom Apparel Printing in street shooting, which is not too cool.

Also want to get a big-name creative T-shirt? Why not make it yourself? The following editor will teach you two simple T-shirt designs by hand, so that your old T-shirts can be transformed into personalized clothes in seconds and move.

DIY T-shirts, also known as cultural shirts, refer to printing your favorite patterns, texts, photos, etc. on T-shirts. Today, more and more attention to individuality, people’s clothing is becoming more and more unconventional. Materials to prepare: a plain T-shirt, acrylic paint, oh), scissors, pen.

Production steps: first cut out a small piece of sticker, the size is determined according to the size of the pattern you want to draw.

Print out the pattern you like, draw a rough outline on the sticker, copy it on the T-shirt, and color it with acrylic paint. Note: In order to prevent the paint from seeping to the back, it is recommended to put a layer of cardboard in the middle to separate.

Creative DIY steps: Prepare materials: stickers, scissors, markers. Production steps: Prepare the sticker, draw the shape on the sticker with a marker, then cut out the outline of the pattern and place it in the corresponding position of the Custom Made Shirts Near Me to be drawn, and then color it to complete. Note: In order to prevent the paint from seeping to the back, it is recommended to put a layer of cardboard in the middle to separate.

The acrylic materials used above are available in general art supply stores. In addition to acrylic raw materials, textile pigments can also be used. This is a special type of cloth used for pigments, which is more difficult to fade, but it is more troublesome to use. You have to use blending oil or water yourself.

After painting, put it in the water every few days, let it dry naturally and then iron it for 3-5 minutes, your pattern can be kept for a long time. It won’t fade, but after a few washes, the color will fade. It is forbidden to expose the T-shirt to the sun after cleaning, it is easy to crack after a long time.

If you T-shirt custom design your own style on the Internet, you don’t need to consider this problem at all. We will ship the product according to your original design, and we will confirm with you before shipping, except for the pictures you like. , you don’t need to worry about other things, we have professional production personnel to produce them uniformly.