T-shirt + casual pants, wearing a custom T-shirt will generally be very comfortable. As long as the matching is reasonable, it can still show a delicate feeling. It is also a good matching method to choose a suitable pair of casual pants. Although the Clothing Printing style is very simple, it does not Comfortable and age-reducing, and it can also wear a playful feeling.

In order to avoid fancy visual effects, you can choose black and white. Choosing a white T-shirt and black slacks not only looks thin, but also avoids dullness. This kind of outfit is very suitable for people who are slightly fat.

In order to show the youthful vitality of T-shirt customization, you can choose colorful clothing to wear, but the color should not be too exaggerated. It is very good to wear green clothing, which can not only wear a fresh feeling, but also reduce age. effect.

A green striped Best Custom T-shirts with a lighter color can be customized with blue jeans to wear a fresh temperament, and a slightly loose clothing style can also play a role in covering the flesh, but small girls, please stay away from such similar outfits.

General Custom T-shirts Design customization is a very basic style, even a little monotonous. In order to wear a classic visual effect, you can choose plaid pants to match, which will give people a lazy and fashionable feeling.

It is true that many girls can easily control the custom T-shirts online , but not all girls are tall. If it is a small girl, you should pay attention to the proportion of the clothes. Try to avoid wearing five or five points. The hem of the T-shirt is tucked into the bottoms, which can be worn with a short top and a long bottom, avoiding the embarrassment of short legs.