Unpacking the express bag, I saw that the packaging of the clothes adheres to the consistent style of Xiaomi, which is simple and atmospheric! Translucent packaging, in addition to the clothes is the order receipt.

Personality is free, the inside and outside are like clothes, our company customized the Bulk Custom T-shirts experience evaluation, take out the clothes printing , unfold, you can see the most conspicuous part of the whole clothes is the classic Xiaomi pattern “Space Carnival” on the chest, and the left cuff is a big orange “” MI” LOGO armband is very recognizable and very individual.

Like others, I like the pattern of “Space Carnival” very much, and the name is classic pattern, which also implies the cultural connotation of Xiaomi’s “exploration, never stop”. But unlike others, I don’t like to print a large pattern on the front of the clothes, so I scaled the pattern to the smallest size and put it in front of the chest, which also reflects the “customization” of custom T-shirts.

The custom T-shirt uses 100% long-staple cotton as the raw material. As a cotton T-shirt, it is not slippery to the touch, but very soft. It feels very comfortable to touch and wear on the body. Can irritate skin.

Cotton clothes Custom T-shirts have a big advantage: the clothes are breathable, and although it is autumn now, the temperature is still high. Clothes with good ventilation effect will not make people feel “wet” on the body, and the Mijia custom T-shirt can also feel smooth on the skin when worn on the body.

At present, only black and white can be selected. For many users, if they don’t like this color, they can only choose another color. If there are more colors to choose from, it will better reflect the connotation of Mijia’s “custom T-shirt”. For example, vibrant orange, youthful green, noble purple… can give users more diversified choices.

Custom T-shirt pattern When I want to choose a pattern to customize Personalized T-shirt , I find that there are not many patterns to choose from. It is not easy to choose a pattern that I like. Also, black fabrics have fewer patterns than white, which is also me One of the reasons for choosing white.

In the process of Personalized Shirts Near Me , users can only choose a small number of patterns provided by the mall. At present, custom uploading is not supported. If the experience in this area can be improved, it will not only attract rice fans to buy, but also attract ordinary consumers to buy.

It’s a small pity that I can’t move the reduced pattern to where I want it. According to the public’s aesthetic preference, the pattern on the chest should be placed on the left, but when I reduced the pattern to move the pattern to the left, I found that I couldn’t move it, so I could only put it on the right, which looked a bit weird.

Many people don’t like colorful patterns. For them, it is the best choice to be as simple as possible. If users can customize solid color T-shirts, they can skip the printing step, which can better meet the needs of users.